Toyusa2011Funko Pop! Single Pop! $30 Standard Mystery Box Freddy Funko as Pennywise Edition

Regular price $30.00

Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Our Toyusa2011's Funko Pop! $30 Standard Mystery Box Freddy Funko as Pennywise Edition

NO LIMIT on how many you can order,

However you may only purchase 1 box per transaction 

Limited to 100 Boxes 

Each Box includes 1 Funko Pop! Vinyl With Pop Protector

Each Pop had a value of at least $15 on the FUNKO APP (Estimated value on 9/10/19) 


DISCLAIMER #1 All boxes are NOT in Mint condition. Some Boxes may have visible damage to them. (We do our best to take out all of the damage box pops)

DISCLAIMER #2 Upon Buying, you agree to a random mystery box containing 1 Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

DISCLAIMER #3 All Mystery Box Funko Pops are sold AS IS and can not be returned under ANY circumstances 

DISCLAIMER #4 All Pops may not include the store exclusive sticker, as some collections we buy have imported pops from outside the country which do not come stickered

DISCLAIMER #5 THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEED VALUE MYSTERY BOX, All boxes at time of packaging were valued at $15+++

Disclaimer #6 These boxes are prepacked prior to launch, which means ordering more than 1 may result in receiving a duplicate item, however we never put more than 10 of a single pop in an assortment