Toyusa2011's Funko Pop! Single Pop! $25 Mystery Box HUNT FOR P.A. VEGETA

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Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Our Toyusa2011's Funko Pop! Single Pop! $25 Mystery Box HUNT FOR P.A. VEGETA

Limited to 300 boxes 

Limit 1 Box per order

Each Box includes 1 Funko Pop! Vinyl With Pop Protector

DISCLAIMER #1 Odds are not in your favor! There will be no guaranteed value You may pull a $5 or $10 Pop, or you may pull the $3,000 Pop. Please understand that there are risks in this type of box arrangement. Most of the boxes have a common or lower end vaulted/exclusive pop.

DISCLAIMER #2 All boxes are NOT in Mint condition. Some Boxes may have visible damage to them. (We do our best to take out all of the damage box pops)

DISCLAIMER #3 Upon Buying, you agree to a random mystery box containing 1 Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

DISCLAIMER #4 All Mystery Box Funko Pops are sold AS IS and can not be returned under ANY circumstances 

Disclaimer #5. PA Vegeta will not ship with the boxes. Winner of PA Vegeta will receive the red mystery box with a random pop which will include a note on how to claim the PA Vegeta. (We don’t want to risk shipping damage to a $3,250 pop) Winner will notify us and we will ship it out with the upmost protection for secured delivery.