Toyusa2011's $30 Funko Soda Mystery Box

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No Limits on boxes. Order as many as you want in 1 transaction.

Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Toyusa2011's $30 Funko Soda Mystery Box

Limited to 100 Total Boxes

Each Mystery Box contains 2 Funko Sodas or 1 Grail Pop!

All Sodas come from Sealed cases! Each box will have 2 different sodas however ordering multiple boxes may result in duplicate sodas. 

30 Chase Sodas Will be randomly included. You may receive 2 Chases, 1 Chase or 2 Common Soda Figures in your box if you don’t receive 1 of the 2 top prizes.

Top Prizes 

1. C-3PO Freddy Funko (EST Value $450+)

2. Venomized Magneto NYCC Sticker (EST Value $75+)

3. 30 Chase Sodas (EST Value $40-$75)


All Boxes will ship out within 2 business days after sellout has been reached.

Please Be aware of all disclaimers and how our Mystery Boxes work.


All Sales are final, if you must cancel prior to shipment, there is a 5% restock fee!