Toyusa2011's "Funko Grail Mystery Box" TGIF Edition Limited to 120 Box #'s 61-120

Regular price $249.95

Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Our Toyusa2011's "Funko Grail Mystery Box" TGIF Edition 

Limited to 120 Total Boxes 

Ordering Begins 4/6/18 and will run through 4/30/18  Or Until Sold Out

Each Mystery Box consists of 4 Funko Pops! 

Contents of each box will have a value of at least $125 according to current market value as of 4/6/18

Odds of Choosing a Box # Valued at $200+ 1/5

Odds of Choosing The Box that Contains the top grail 1/120

Odds of Choosing a Box # Valued at $125+ 120/120 

Buying 1 box or 10 boxes Does NOT Guarantee you any of the top Pops, as every Box is numbered at random after they are packaged. Please be aware of this before ordering!

In order to offer such great top Prizes the lower end boxes have to equal out the High end Pops like SDCC Metallic Thing, Gemini Metallics, Comic Book Men Set, SDCC Metallic Spider-Man, The Simpsons, Rocky, etc  

PLEASE Know the RISK in Our Mystery Boxes before purchasing!  

All Items Pictured are included in this mystery box and are NOT for individual sale. 

We ship WORLDWIDE, however International buyers may only order 1 box per order due to the size restrictions on shipping. (You may order multiple boxes, through multiple transactions.)  

DISCLAIMER #1 These 120 Mystery Boxes Contain 480 Total Funko Pops!

All boxes are NOT in Mint condition. Some Boxes will have visible damage to them. 

DISCLAIMER #2 Upon Buying, you agree to a random mystery box containing 4 Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

DISCLAIMER #3 All Mystery Box Funko Pops are sold AS IS and can not be returned under ANY circumstances 

ALL Boxes will ship out on or before May 1st 2018

Mystery Boxes will begin to ship out within 5 business days if sold out before May 1st 

Please Be aware of all disclaimers and how our Mystery Boxes work.