Toyusa2011 Funko Pop! "$99.95 Mystery Box" Guaranteed Value Edition 2/26/19

Regular price $99.95

ONE MYSTERY BOX PER ORDER! All Orders placed with multiple boxes will be canceled immediately after purchase.


No Limit on how many you can order, but since all boxes are shipped individually, they must be ordered one at a time. Ordering multiple boxes may results in duplicates of the same Pop!


Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Our Toyusa2011 Funko Pop! "$99.95 Mystery Box" Guaranteed Value Edition 2/26/19


Each Mystery Box contains 4 Funko Pops! (Please Note: 2/3 Packs count as 2 pops.)


Contents of each box will have a value of at least $100 according to Stashpedia current market value as of 2/25/19 (If Stash did not provide an accurate price we used Poppriceguide)


Tops Pops include 1/96 Joker Freddy ( His Box Has Damage but is still valued at over $1,000) D23 Metallic NBC 3 Pack, Metallic Dumbo, and so many more

The D23 Mickey will be the only item included in its box. We want to make sure that pop has extra protection since it can’t ship in a hard stack 

Odds of Receiving a Box Valued at $100 or more 100%

Buying 1 box or 10 boxes Does NOT Guarantee you any of the Top Pops, as every box is packaged at random. Please be aware of this before ordering!

DISCLAIMER #1 All boxes May NOT be in Mint condition. Some Boxes will have visible damage to them. Any pop's boxes we deemed to be under an 8/10 rating in condition were not included

DISCLAIMER #2 Upon Buying, you agree to a random mystery box containing 4 Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

DISCLAIMER #3 All Mystery Box Funko Pops are sold AS IS and can not be returned under ANY circumstances 

Disclaimer #4 All Boxes will ship out within 2 business days after sellout has been reached..  

Once we ship your mystery box, and it shows as delivered to your shipping address, it is your responsibility to locate your package. 



We suggest that you either have someone there upon the mystery box delivery date or go to and have your mystery box held for pickup. This will insure you don't have your package misplaced or worse yet stolen.


Please Be aware of all disclaimers and how our Mystery Boxes work.