Toyusa2011 Comic Books "$99.95 Mystery Box" Founders Edition

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Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Our Toyusa2011 Comic Books "$99.95 Mystery Box" Founders Edition

Each Mystery Box contains 5 Comic Books 

You will receive 1 of the comics Pictured (1 Total Book From Photos 1-5)

+4 Additional Comics that we have in our inventory 

Buying 1 box or 10 boxes Does NOT Guarantee you the top Comic, as every Box is pre-packaged at random. Please be aware of this before ordering!

All Boxes will ship out within 2 business days upon sellout.

The Faster we sell out, the sooner boxes will begin shipping

PLEASE Know the RISK in Our Mystery Boxes before purchasing! 

All Comics Pictured are part of our mystery boxes and are NOT for individual sale.


All Ungraded Books will be bagged and boarded, and will be double boxing all orders to prevent any damage during transit.

DISCLAIMER #1 Upon Buying, you agree to a random mystery box containing 5 Comic Books. 

DISCLAIMER #2 These books are purchased via large collections from high end collectors, while we don't expect obvious signs of restoration, we can't guarantee that these books haven't been restored/modified in any way. 

DISCLAIMER #3  We are not professional graders. Most books are of collector quality, but grading is very subjective and each collector has their own standard therefore we DO NOT Guarantee a specific grade. 

DISLCAIMER #4 Your box may contain comic books from any genre, age, or publisher.

DISCLAIMER #5 Once we ship your mystery box, and it shows delivered to your shipping address, it is your responsibility to locate your package.

Please Be aware of all disclaimers and how our Mystery Boxes work.