Toyusa2011's Funko Pop! High Roller Mystery Box of 4 Pops

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Please Read through ALL Disclaimers below before agreeing to purchase Toyusa2011's Funko Pop! High Roller Mystery Box of 4 Pops

Limited to 25 Total Boxes

Ordering Begins 2/11/20 and will run Until Sold Out

Each Mystery Box contains 4 Funko Pops! (2 packs count as 2)

All Pops! Pictured are part of our mystery boxes and are NOT for individual sale.

DISCLAIMER #1 These 25 Mystery Boxes Contain 100 Total Funko Pops! All Boxes may not be considered to everyone as Mint condition (We do not include any pops that we deem to be under a 7/10) We see 7/10 Condition as pops having minor flaws including but not limited to blemished corners, Minor creases in the front, creasing on the back or side of the pops, minor dings to the pop's window. Production Creases, and Slight box tears on the corners. The older the pop the more lenient we are, as a pop from 2012-2016 is going to show much more wear than a pop from 2017-2019 due to the age and the brittle cardboard used by funko. If you expect every pop to be pristine, we recommend buying whatever pop it is you like in person, so you can determine if it is mint enough for you. 

DISCLAIMER #2 Upon Buying, you agree to a random mystery box containing 4 Funko Pops!

DISCLAIMER #3 All Mystery Box Pops are sold AS IS and can not be returned under ANY circumstances 


DISCLAIMER #4 This is not a guaranteed value box. We are showing all 25 options for the box you may receive. If you do not like one or more of the possibilities then this box isn’t for you. 



ALL Boxes will ship out Priority Mail USPS and will require signature upon arrival!


Please Be aware of all disclaimers and how our Mystery Boxes work.


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